A Trip to my Hometown Provides Surprise -- and Disappointment

by Andrea Lubawy, MSDC Member

I recently visited my parents in my hometown of Lexington, Kentucky. My mother and I visited our old neighborhood and the creek where I used to play as a kid. We were looking for some fossils but I stumbled upon this strange geode!

Unusual Geode. Photo by Andrea Lubawy

On the way back to their house, I passed a random road cut that I must have driven by a thousand times as a high-schooler, but this was the first time I stopped. I found several other peculiar crystals before a thunderstorm scuttled my search, including one heart-shaped geode that I gave to my mother.

I also found a nodule which, considering my other luck, I was convinced must be a famous Kentucky agate (despite being two or three counties away from the area known for them), but after some time spent in my parents' garage at the tool bench, turned out to be a rather nondescript specimen.

My First Nodule. Photo by Andrea Lubawy

Though not having the famed yellow, black, and red bands I was hoping for, it contains some crystals in the middle and I cherish it as my first nodule and one opened by my own hands (and my dad's hand saw).