June 2022 Business Meeting Report

by Andy Thompson, MSDC Secretary

MSDC President Kenny Reynolds warmly welcomed all attendees and invited first-time visitors to tell us about their particular interests in minerals or geology. About 40 members and visitors participated in our June meeting. Ken then invited people to share any interesting geological news.

Geology in the News

Andy shared the first-ever photo of the black hole in the center of the Milky Way. It was recently captured and provided by NASA’s Event Horizon Telescope (EHT), an array of 80 land-based radio telescopes spread across our planet.

If interested in how this ground-breaking photo was captured, its significance and why it is fuzzy, see the explanation provided in the following link:

Astronomers Reveal First Image of the Black Hole at the Heart of Our Galaxy | Event Horizon Telescope

·There was a bit of discussion and an update on the changing rate of the sinking of the Earth’s sea floors.  The melting ice caps and warming of the oceans have been placing more stress on the floors. Those who are interested could check out the following link: Climate: Past, Present & Future | The ocean floor is sinking under the weight of sea level rise (egu.eu)

Stan alerted everyone that on 12 July, the powerful James Web Space Telescope would be providing everyone with its first photos.

Approval of the May Business Minutes  

Ken Reynolds asked if there were any corrections or changes needed to the summary of the May Business Minutes as published in the June Mineral Minutes. With no changes suggested, the Minutes were approved as published.

Upcoming Monthly Programs

Ken asked Cathy Schmidtlein, our Vice President for Programs, if she had any programs or presenters lined up for the coming Fall months.  She said we could look forward to programs by Bill Burton, our Eastern Federation’s regional representative, and also by Tim Rose, the club's sponsor from the Smithsonian’s Natural History Museum, Department of Mineral Sciences. More information on upcoming programs is provided elsewhere in this newsletter.  If you have suggestions for topics or presenters, Cindy would welcome hearing from you.

Treasurer's Report

Ken called on MSDC’s Treasurer, John Weidner, for an update on the club’s finances. John happily reported that thanks to Ken Reynolds for having encouraged our new on-line ability that allows people to become a member or renew their membership on line, ($20 for individuals, $25 family) our club’s membership has been growing and we now are 42 strong.

Newsletter Editor Ken Rock announced that, following our club’s tradition, there will be no Mineral Minutes published for the months of July and August. The September newsletter, scheduled to be published in late August, will announce the agenda for our September monthly program.

Concluding of the Business Meeting

With no further old or new business issues being raised for discussion, Kenny Reynolds asked for and received the attendees’ vote of approval to close the June business portion of the meeting, and allowing Cindy to introduce the evening’s presenter and program.