Geology in the News

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castle rock study.jpg
A study by the Denver Museum of Nature and Science geologists sheds new light on the origins of Castle Rock. Photos by Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

2/26/2024: NASA’s Crash Into an Asteroid May Have Altered Its Shape

2/26/2024: Odysseus Sends Moon Landing Photos Home With Time Running Out

2/17/2024: A shallow lake in Canada could point to the origin of life on Earth

2/16/2024: Follow Perseverance’s path on Mars as it hunts for signs of ancient life

2/13/2024: Wonderstone

2/13/2024: A 36 million-year-old mystery solved': Gem reveals secret to Castle Rock's formation

2/12/2024: Researchers studying ocean transform faults, describe a previously unknown part of the geological carbon cycle

2/9/2024: Asteroid 2024 BX1 left a rare type of meteorite

2/8/2024: Colossal underwater canyon discovered near seamount deep in the Mediterranean Sea

2/7/2024: Ancient rocks improve understanding of tectonic activity between earthquakes

2/3/2024: Nanoparticles in Some of The World's Oldest Rocks Found to Hide Clues on Life's Origins

1/15/2024: Iceland scientists want to drill a hole straight into a reservoir of molten magma about a mile underground. It could generate limitless energy

12/11/2023: A Tyrannosaur Was Found Fossilized, and So Was Its Last Meal