Geology in the News

selected by Ken Rock, MSDC Editor

Geology and related earth science stories are in the news quite often. Here are some noteworthy articles you may find worthwhile. While you're at it, please consider helping to make this a regular feature of our newsletter. Let me know if you are willing to give it a go by identifying a few stories during the month and sending me the associated links. You would be free to select as few or as many as your wish to include in the newsletter.

Please enjoy!

1) October 26, 2023: Smithsonian To Open First Public Display of Asteroid Bennu Sample Collected by NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Mission

2) October 18, 2023: Ancient diamonds shine light on the evolution of Earth

3) October 11, 2023: NASA’s Bennu Asteroid Sample Contains Carbon, Water

4) August 22, 2023: NASA Selects Geology Team for the First Crewed Artemis Lunar Landing