Geology in the News

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The gold nugget, shown next to a UK 50 pence coin for size.
A treasure hunter struggling with faulty equipment unearthed a gold nugget believed to be the largest ever found in England. The gold nugget is shown here next to a UK 50 pence coin for size. Photo courtesy of Mullock Jones.

3/28/2024: Gujarat’s Crescent-Moon Shaped Luna Lake in Kutch Might Have Been Created By an Asteroid Impact, Study Finds

3/24/2024: 3.75 Billion Year Old – Scientists Discover Evidence of an Ancient Segment of Earth’s Crust

3/22/2024: Like 'walking through the woods of millions of years ago': Ancient ecosystem brimming with dinosaur tracks discovered in Alaska

3/22/2024: Geologists reject declaration of Anthropocene epoch

3/21/2024: Amateur gold digger finds huge nugget worth $160,000 in Australia

3/21/2024: One of the largest eruptions in Earth’s history could have wiped out humans. Here’s how scientists say some survived

3/17/2024: Cosmic cleaners: the scientists scouring English cathedral roofs for space dust

3/17/2024: Iceland volcano erupts prompting evacuation of Blue Lagoon

3/14/2024: This mineral so rare that there is only one specimen on Earth

3/13/2024: The Last Gold Beater in Venice

3/12/2024: Mars could be driving ‘giant whirlpools’ in the Earth’s deep oceans, new study finds

3/11/2024: Connemara Marble – Meet the Irish Gemstone

3/8/2024: The Comet Strike Theory That Just Won’t Die

3/4/2024: Why It’s So Challenging to Land Upright on the Moon