Geology in the News

Links provided by Dave Nanney, Rod Nenner, Ken Rock, & Harold Tuchfeld

5/30/2024: Iceland volcano dramatically erupts again as streams of lava reach town’s defensive walls

5/23/2024: Ranked: The World’s Largest Lithium Producers in 2023

5/19/2024: Comet Fragment Explodes in Dark Skies Over Spain and Portugal

5/11/2024: The Craton Enigma: Scientists Propose a New Continental Formation Theory

5/7/2024: Over 500 million years ago, weird complex creatures emerged on Earth. Scientists now think they know why

5/6/2024: Instagram video of lightening reacting with an erupting volcano

4/21/2024: Scientists may have pinpointed the true origin of the Hope Diamond and other pristine gemstones