MSDC Elections for 2022

President Dave Hennessey appointed Betty Thompson (chair) and Yury Kalish as the 2022 nominations committee for MSDC.  The nominations committee is delighted to offer the following candidates for election:


President – Ken Reynolds

Vice President – Cindy Schmidtlein

Secretary – Andy Thompson

Treasurer – John Weidner


For term ending 12/31/2022 (completing Ken Reynolds’ term) – Yury Kalish

For term ending 12/31/2024 – Dan Teich

Alex Venzke remains on the board as director, with a term ending 12/31/2023.

Ken Rock remains on the board ex officio as newsletter editor.

As you consider nominations for others or for yourself, please note that officers are elected annually. Directors on the  BOD serve for a 3-year term and terms are staggered so one position becomes open each year. If others would like to propose additional candidates, please get the consent of the nominee and email Betty and Yury by November 15, 2021.  Emails:  bdthompson01@yahoo.comand .

Many thanks to all who are willing to be nominated.