MSDC Programs Now on YouTube!

by Betty Thompson, MSDC Co-website Manager with Casper Voogt

Nearly all of our Zoom programs since 2021 are now available on YouTube

This effort is fully consistent with our overall MSDC mission of sharing knowledge and with the Board’s decisions to let Zoom and YouTube bring our excellent programs to more people. You also may subscribe to the YouTube channel by simply clicking the "Subscribe" button where indicated.

We all owe a lot of gratitude to Yury Kalish and Cindy Schmidtlein, past and present MSDC Vice Presidents, for finding and arranging for these great speakers. You can find the videos in many ways, including:

1) On our YouTube channel;

2) From a link on the youtube channel link within the green “Meetings & Events” block on our home page (bottom item);

3) From individual program titles in the “Examples of Past Programs” on our website; or

4) Put into your search engine the terms “YouTube Mineralogical Society of DC.”

Here’s What's Available Through May 2024

For the missing months, the presenters preferred not to have their programs on YouTube, or the club did not meet because of our traditional summer break in July and August of each year.

May 2024: – "Chesapeake Bay Impact Crater: What, Where, How, & Effects" with David S. Powars, USGS:

April 2024: -Serpentinites: Geologic Origin & Unique Associated Minerals" with C. Leigh Broadhurst, Ph.D.:

March 2024 – "Pegmatites – Earth's Most Amazing Rocks" with Dr. Michael Wise:

January 2024 – "Greenland's Mineral Frontier" with Thomas Hale:

November 2023 – "The King of Tides: Minerals of the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia, Canada" with Ray McDougall:

September 2023 – "Canadian Wildfire Ash: Collection and Study in Washington, DC, June 2023" with Tim Rose:

June 2023 – "The North American Craton: its Tectonic Growth and Mineral Endowment" with Patrick Rowe:

May 2023 – "Actinolite, Alpine Mudflows, and the San Andreas Fault" with Debra Brooks:

April 2023 – "Musings of a Mineral Museum Curator" with Dr. Jeffery Post, Smithsonian:

March 2023 – "Patterns in Global Volcanic Activity" with Dr. Ben Andrews:

February 2023 – "Exploring the Mineral-Security Nexus" with Thomas Hale:

January 2023 – "Diamond Prospecting in Murfreesboro, Arkansas" with Kathy Hrechka:

December 2022 – "Gemstone Hunting in Afghanistan and Central Asia" with Gary Bowersox:

November 2022 – "Rodingite from Hunting Hill Quarry, Maryland" with Tim Rose:

October 2022 – "Silver: Born of Cataclysmic Events and Brought to Us by Improbable Happenings" with Patrick Rowe:

June 2022 – "Texas Panhandle sinkholes: Geological Analysis of Wind Sinks and Boehmer Lake" – with Gwen Loeber:

June 2022 – "Volcanology of the Oregon Cascades" – with Dr. Richard Tollo:

May 2022 – “Iceland Sunstones in Viking Navigation: Saga and Science” – with Dr. Jennifer Bartlett:

March 2022 – “A Bit of Adventure in Iceland, Island of Fire and Ice” – with Dan Teich:

March 2022 – “Update on Field Research: Geology of the Oregon Cascades: a Mafic Lapillistone Deposit” – with Doug Robbins:

February 2022 – “The Chesapeake Bay Impact Crater and Its Blasted Fossils” – Dr. Lucy Edwards:

January 2022 – “Hardrock Mining in Montana” – with Garrett Smith:

December 2021 – “Smithsonite: My Global Micromineral Collection & the Legacy of James Smithson” – with Kathy Hrechka:

November 2021 – “Trilobites: From Pre-Cambrian Oceans to West Virginia Collecting Sites” – with Casper Voogt:

June 2021 – “Michigan Copper: the Keweenaw Peninsula, Then and Now” - with James Hird:

May 2021 – “Gemstones of Ancient Egypt” and “A Close-up Look at Gemstones of Ancient Egypt- with Derek Yoost: and the close-up view at

April 2021 – “Minerals of Cornwall, England” – with Martin Held: