Prez Says...

by Kenny Reynolds, MSDC President

Hello MSDC members and welcome to February 2024!

For all you snow lovers, January has been exactly what you wanted and I’m sure February has more snow to come. For people such as myself , I could do without it! 

What a better way to shake off the Winter blues than a trip to Tucson, Arizona for the annual gem and mineral show! Every year I say this is it; this is the year I finally make it and yet another year passes with no such luck.

Fortunately, I have friends who go to the show, so I have to live vicariously through their pictures and stories of the big event. If you are one of the lucky ones going to Tucson this year, please take lots of pictures and possibly write a few paragraphs for our newsletter "The Mineral Minutes." Our fantastic newsletter editor, Ken Rock, would love to have some articles describing your experiences and pictures so our members who haven't had a chance to go can see what it's all about.

As I sit here writing my Prez Says column, I'm also working on a Smithsonite display for an exhibit at the Gem, Lapidary, and Mineral Society of Montgomery County, MD show at the Montgomery fairgrounds in March. I thought I’d include some pictures of what I have so far.

Please make sure you attend this show – it's one of the best in our area!

Please also be sure to attend our MSDC Zoom meeting on Wednesday, February 7. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone then!