Prez Says...

by Ken Reynolds, President

Hi Everyone and Happy New Year!!

I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and looking forward to 2022.

I wanted to start by thanking our Past President, Dave Hennessy. Dave served the last three years as our club President and did an amazing job. With his leadership, our club was able to continue through the past two years of the COVID pandemic. These Zoom Meetings not only reached our members but attracted members from far away places. I certainly have big shoes to fill.

Second, I would like to thank Yury Kalish for his service as Vice President for the last three years.  Yury managed to find interesting and educational speakers. These speakers kept us fascinated and learning new things all the time.

Lastly, I would thank our returning officers, Andy Thompson (Secretary), John Weidner (Treasurer), Betty Thompson (WebMistress) and Ken Rock (Newsletter) as well as the Board of Directors.  You all keep our club running smoothly.

Thank you to Kathy Hrechka for her December 1, 2021 Presentation Smithsonite: “My Global Micromineral Collection and the Legacy of James Smithson.” Kathy has been a fantastic presenter with her past presentations of Microphotography of the Snowflake and the Crystal Forms as well as my personal favorite, Microdiamond Presentation and the diamonds she has collected in her travels. Kathy never ceases to impress me with her knowledge and willingness to share with share with our club!

As we head into 2022, I am looking forward to working with Cindy Schmidtlein as the club new Vice President. Cindy already has an interesting line up of speakers for 2022. This includes our January 5, 2022 Zoom Meeting with Garrett Smith. The presentation will be, “An Update on Hardrock Mining in Montana”.

All meetings will continue in Zoom for the time being. We look forward to the day when we can meet in person at our meeting place, The Smithsonian!

Please take a moment to send in your dues for 2022 if you haven't already.  Thanks to everyone for your support and I look forward to serving you as President.


Ken Reynolds