Sharing Time

by Dave Hennessey, MSDC President

Trapiche Emerald, ~15mm x 5mm; photo by Ken Rock

We usually try to tie our sharing time minerals to the month's presentation, but I can't imagine any way to share a fluid inclusion over Zoom unless folks can take a picture and share the picture over Zoom. Please give that a try if you can and/or share with us any minerals that you think we would enjoy seeing and hearing about.

For minerals we share during the "show and tell" portion of the meeting, please send a photo (or two) or your mineral to our editor, Ken Rock (, along with a description of the mineral so we can include the info in the newsletter. It's often hard to get a good view of the mineral via the webcams we all use, but that does not mean that viewers do not have an interest in seeing what you want to show! Please reach out to Ken if you need help.