Sharing Time

by Andy Thompson, MSDC Secretary

Classic translucent light sea blue Smithsonite from the Kelly Mine, Socorro County, New Mexico. Size is ~8x6x3 cm. Photo by Crystal Classics. 

This favorite part of each MSDC monthly meeting gave attendees the opportunity to display their mineral treasures, many of which were smithsonites from around the world. Especially well represented were specimens from the Kelly Mine, Socorro County, New Mexico and from Tsumeb, Namibia, SW Africa. Dan described his good fortune of finding a relatively inexpensive purple smithsonite the size of a basketball. And from where did he obtain it? The NMNH rock shop on the second floor. To access an on-line, self-guided tour of the NMNH mineral displays, go to Hope Diamond 1 | GGM | NMNH Virtual Tour (

With the conclusion of the sharing and discussion of minerals, President Dave Hennessey again thanked Kathy for her wonderful presentation and his appreciation for all who shared in the evening’s discussions. He closed out the meeting wishing everyone a happy and safe holiday.