Sharing Time

by Ken Rock, MSDC Newsletter Editor

Giant Megalodon Tooth. Photo by Ken Rock

Not all of us are fossil collectors, but I would guess that virtually all mineral collectors have come across fossils that that inspire our imaginations about prehistoric critters from the Mesozoic era, or even the Paleozoic era in which trilobites thrived. For sharing time this month, please see if you can find a fossil in your collection that others in the group would enjoy hearing about.

Following the "show and tell" portion of the meeting, please send a photo (or two) or your specimen to me, Ken Rock (, along with a description, so we can include the info in the newsletter. It's often hard to get a good view of fossils or minerals via the webcams we all use, but that does not mean that viewers do not have an interest in seeing what you want to show! Please reach out if you need help.