Smithsonian Volunteer Art Showcase: Smithsonite

by Kathy Hrechka, MSDC Member

The Smithsonian Institution recently hosted its annual volunteer appreciation event online. The organizers requested volunteers to capture the spirit of the Smithsonian’s resilience with their own works of art, so I decided to share something of value to me.

Since I collect smithsonites, I decided to submit some of my micromineral smithsonites named for James Smithson, the benefactor of the Smithsonian Institution. I was honored – and delighted – to see that my submissions were selected for inclusion in the presentation for the event.

More importantly, I have enjoyed volunteering at the Natural History Museum in the Geology, Gems, and Mineral gallery since 2012. Imagine having access to one of the world’s best mineral collections, along with the geologists In the Mineral Sciences department who appreciate us.

Screen shots by Kathy Hrechka.