Summary of December 1st Business Meeting

by Andy Thompson, MSDC Secretary

President Dave Hennessey welcomed everyone to our December meeting, especially Jim Hird who became a MSDC member after his excellent September presentation on the Keweenaw copper minerals of Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Treasurer’s Report

After thanking the club’s former presidents for their service, Dave called on MSDC’s treasurer, John Weidner, who reported that this is the time of the year when club members need to renew their membership for 2022 ($20 for individuals and $25 for families). “Usually, the club has about 29 paid members each year but so far for 2022, we have only 5 who have sent in their dues.” See elsewhere in this newsletter for John’s home address for sending your check. We hope to have an online payment option available soon.

Approval of the November Business Minutes:

Dave asked if there were any objections or changes needed in the Minutes as published in the December newsletter. With no changes needed, he asked for and received a motion and the vote to accept was unanimous.

New Business: The Election of Officers for 2022    

Lacking any old business needing discussion, Dave called on the Nomination Committee (Betty and Yury) to identify the draft slate of members who have volunteered to serve as officers for the coming year. No additional volunteers had stepped forward to advance their names for any of the open positions. Accordingly, by a unanimous voice vote, the following members were elected for the coming year:

2022 Officers

President – Ken Reynolds

Vice President – Cindy Schmidtlein

Secretary – Andy Thompson

Treasurer – John Weidner


For term ending 12/31/2022 (completing Ken Reynolds’ 1-year term) – Yury Kalish

Alex Venzke remains on the board as director, with his 2-year term ending 12/31/2023.

For the new 3-year term ending 12/31/2024 – Dan Teich

Ken Rock remains on the board ex officio as newsletter editor.

Dave thanked all the above newly elected officers for their willingness to serve for the coming year. He encouraged all MSDC members to give some thought to the possibility of serving on the Board sometime in the future.