The Spann Thumbnail Mineral Collection

An screenshot example of two minerals from the collection.

One of the most exciting, but often overlooked, displays in Yale's Peabody Museum is the Gail and Jim Spann Thumbnail Collection. Comprised of over 80 stunning miniatures, each specimen is a complex and intricate world unto itself. Another nice feature of this webpage is that it is “growing” with a new addition every week.

Using amazing photographic technology, a link on the museum's website captures high-resolution images and delivers a unique and fluid 360-degree interactive experience that includes locality information and the chemical formula for each mineral. This new technology allows you to explore every minute detail by spinning and magnifying each of these tiny, delicate objects. Click here to see more than 80 stunning miniatures in a way that you are sure to enjoy!

The Peabody Museum at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, is among the oldest, largest, and most prolific university natural history museums in the world. It was founded by the philanthropist George Peabody in 1866 at the behest of his nephew Othniel Charles Marsh, the early paleontologist. In the 19th century it was the science startup of its day.

Thanks to Jurate Landwehr, MSDC Member, for providing a link to this fabulous collection!